Asian Eye Make-Up Tips?

Answer Asian eyelids tend to be different from other eyelids. About half of Asian eyelids are known as a "single lid," which is characterized by an upper lid that has no crease. Even Asian eyelids that h... Read More »

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DIY Asian Style Decorating Tips?

Asian style decorating has more to do with the proportion of furniture and aesthetic simplicity rather than cliche Asian items. While you can include the color red, images of dragons, scroll painti... Read More »

Asian Skin Care Tips?

Asian skin is particularly sensitive in certain aspects because its genetic makeup is physically different from other skin types. Those of Asian decent commonly are sensitive to the sun and are es... Read More »

Asian Eyes Cosmetology Tips?

Asian women face different challenges from other women when applying cosmetics to the eye area. Because an enormous amount of make-up tips are catered towards women of non-Asian ethnicity, these ti... Read More »

Beauty Tips for Asian Eyes?

Asian eyes are distinctive, with a unique look that pops with vibrant colors and bold technique. However, the lack of an eyelid crease calls for slightly different eye makeup application. Before se... Read More »