As anyone got a cure for stomach ulcers?

Answer raw cabbage juice. invest in a vegetable juicer and juice you some cabbage.

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What Leads to Stomach Ulcers?

Peptic ulcers occur when the lining of the stomach or the duodenum, the first few inches of the small intestine, are eroded by acid. They were once considered a scourge of the industrialized world.... Read More »

How to Recognize the Symptoms of Stomach Ulcers?

An ulcer is a lesion that develops on the skin or mucus membranes of the body. Ulcers that occur in the stomach or small intestines are known as a peptic ulcers. A peptic ulcer in the stomach is al... Read More »

Cure a throat ulcers?

YES Gargle with salted water 4 times a day

What's the best cure for mouth ulcers?

Canker sores are commonly caused by stress, allergies, or certain deficiencies like iron, vitamin B12, and folic acid.Try taking a multi vitamin and mineral complex.Zinc lozenges can be helpful.Eat... Read More »