As an indie filmmaker, how can you get your movie distributed by netflix?

Answer You'd have to get in touch with them, and submit a portfolio (these can be cds and dvds these days if you choose, as long as they're easy to use, and will work on the users computer) the old fashio... Read More »

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What would your movie be about and who would you cast, if you were a filmmaker?

I'm not enthusiastic about having my story adapted into a movie, but many people tell me my book sounds a lot like a movie. It's about a 10 year old boy named Logan, an orphan boy with split-person... Read More »

What do I do if I lost a Netflix movie?

if you report it lost, and it doesnt happen very often they wont even charge you, i just lost my first one, and they told me as a jesture of good will there is no charge, i think they said you can ... Read More »

What to do if a Netflix movie won't play?

If a DVD from Netflix won't play, try cleaning it. If it's damaged, report it on the activity page of your account and Netflix will send a replacement. If a movie won't play on your computer throug... Read More »

Can I record a Netflix instant movie?

You can record a Netflix instant movie but it is not recommended and, depending on how you use the movie, could violate copyright laws. You would need a program such as Replay Media Catcher to reco... Read More »