As a freight train goes around a curve, is the stability effected by the number of boxcars If a train...?

Answer Get ready to do the rubbing. It makes no difference how long the train is.A train has something called a node point.When you pull on a train the node travels the length of the train and equalizes t... Read More »

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Freight train A goes from Charleyville to Dogpatch at 40 miles per hour. Freight train B takes 2 hours longer?

Any hogger worth his salt will always take 2 hours longer. That's why the fairer sex has always been so enamored with our efforts, in addition to tidy paychecks, sometimes the majority of which ar... Read More »

How much does an actual train car cost used Just a basic freight-train car.?

Used Hopper cars can run from 10,000 (for a pretty old one) to 50,000 dollars. Tank cars come in so many varieties and so many accessories, they can be 22,000 to 80,000 used. Box cars are among the... Read More »

What's the average amount/maximum number of cars allowed in a freight train?

This depends on the country you are interested in and on the railway line and shedule the train runs on (e.g. a train must not exceed the length of the shortest siding it is sheduled to use) and al... Read More »

How to operate a freight train?

Rango is right. We never go to full throttle and just leave it there unless we're climbing a grade. Like he said we call it throttle modulation. I was taught by some of the best and they teach you ... Read More »