As a Wikipedia admin, what's the best way I can retaliate against a regular user?

Answer First of all, let me be the one to say that you do deserve respect for being a Wikipedia admin. Imagine what would happen if the history guy showed up at the office of an academic journal and start... Read More »

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Is this the best argument against wikipedia?

No. The strongest argument against Wikipedia always has the theme that anyone at anytime may alter any article to say whatever they will it to at a given moment. It does not have to be infered from... Read More »

How to Change Admin Password With "Net User"?

Windows versions from 2000 and up offer the ability to change the user password from the command prompt through the "Net User" command. Although this process requires the user performing the comman... Read More »

How do I change admin password with"net user"?

Opening a Command PromptClick "Start" and type "CMD" into the search bar at the bottom of the Start menu. Click "CMD.exe" to open the command prompt.Changing a User's PasswordType "Net User Usernam... Read More »

How Can I Recover My Windows XP User & Admin Login Password?

Forgetting your Windows XP login details might at first seem like a disaster. Don't panic though; your login password and username are easily recovered by changing the login details to that of the ... Read More »