As a 4 year old Kindergarten teacher, what do you do when a student...?

Answer Happens all the time. You have to try and get the parent out of the room as fast as possible, believe it or not they are an enabler. Once alone the kid will find his/ her own feet and will be fin... Read More »

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What does being a pre-school teacher, kindergarten, grade prep teacher.... involve...?

Work very hard for not very much $$. Unless you really love kids and are very patient and have tons of energy, and like dealing with ignorant belligerent parents and lots of confusing campus, dist... Read More »

Does preschool teacher and kindergarten teacher mean the same?

When I went to school, we went to only kindergarten. A preschool teacher only needs an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, where as a kindergarten teacher needs a four year degree in t... Read More »

Kindergarten Teacher Games?

Kindergarten-aged children are bursting with mental and physical energy. They are eager to learn, yet like to play, explore and be presented with challenges. If you're a kindergarten teacher, cater... Read More »

How to become a preschool or kindergarten teacher?

You should check with your state and see what the licensing requirements are for the position you are seeking. As a preschool teacher you should be fine but as a Kindergarten teacher, you may need ... Read More »