Arts Degree Careers?

Answer Many artists choose to receive degrees--usually either bachelor's or master's--in the fine arts. These degrees generally consist of classes in various fields, such as draftsmanship, sculpture and p... Read More »

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Careers in Computing in the Arts?

Computer Animation. If your school doesn't offer a computer animation program, I'd suggest finding a school that does. There are many of them. Here's one example: Read More »

What Is the Difference in a Fine Arts Degree & an Art Degree?

At the undergraduate and graduate levels, there are several important differences between art and fine arts degrees. While most colleges and universities offer both options, each cater to different... Read More »

Is a Bachelor's of Arts degree an undergraduate degree?

If you leave college with a Bachelor of Arts, you have what is known as an undergraduate degree. An undergraduate degree consists of a four-year course of study. For a Bachelor of Arts, your main c... Read More »

Bachelor of the Arts & Economics Careers?

A Bachelor of Arts in Economics degree equips you with the skills to enter the world of business and finance. Obtaining this degree requires studying courses such as macroeconomics, microeconomics,... Read More »