Articulation Skills for Children?

Answer Articulation skills are simply the ability to communicate. Articulation skills begin with a baby cooing or crying to get his message across. A child advances from pointing his finger and jumping up... Read More »

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Self-Help Skills in Children?

Part of every human being's maturation is the acquisition of basic self-help skills: using the toilet, eating, grooming and maintaining their living environment (chores). Children learn to do thing... Read More »

Age Appropriate Skills for Children?

Many parents want to make sure their child is healthy and developing normally. As children age they begin to learn and develop new skills. A properly developing child will pick up skills in an age-... Read More »

Listening Skills in Children?

People need good listening skills in order to be good communicators. Children who learn to listen early can improve their chances of success in the classroom. Teachers and parents provide so much b... Read More »

Reading Skills for Children?

Reading requires multiple skills and abilities. Most children begin to develop these skills during their toddler years, long before they have any understanding that marks on a page convey meaning. ... Read More »