Article about constellation building converted to condominiums?

Answer Since you offer no locale, it's probably best that you find a local realtor who can answer your question. You could also search your local real estate newspaper of record for the article you want.

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Are condominiums generally financed by a general mortgage on a whole building?

Only by the developer. Once the unit has been sold the developer should obtain a partial release from the blanket mortgage and then the unit owner gets a mortgage on that unit only.

Where are locations of Apartments or Condominiums being located together in the very same building with a Supermarket?

Logically, the living areas would be above the supermarket. There is no standard answer to this hypothetical question.

What is the Massachusetts state building code for handicap access to condominiums?

The state disability law applies to all real estate where multi-family units are concerned. If you have a specific question, you can ask the Massachusetts Office on Disability, link, below.

Is the common area of condominiums considered public as far as the building code goes?

Common area is the terminology used to describe real estate assets owned by a common interest community, owned in common by all owners, as opposed to assets completed owned by individual member own... Read More »