Arthritis in a Puppy?

Answer It seems illogical that energetic puppies could be sufferers of arthritis. While it does occur more often in older dogs, puppies can be prone to it as well. Typically, it is caused by joint or trau... Read More »

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Daughter will be 3 in Feb got a new puppy and although she says she loves the puppy she constantly tries to hurt it. After discussion separation and discipline it keeps happening. It scaresme.Whattodo?

Man, this kid likes to punish. There is a thin line between love and showing affection in this way. I heard cats are acting affectionately when the bite at your face, but who needs that. I would ta... Read More »

How to Cure Your Puppy if Your Puppy Is Sick?

Is your puppy very badly sick? This article will tell you how to cure your puppy.

Can you get arthritis at 29?

Yes, you can. I swear turning 30 did a number on my body, no joke! That, or the timing was just ironic. I work w/ a guy that is 34 and was recently diagnosed w/ a mild case of rheumatoid arthrit... Read More »

Can i use wd-40 for arthritis?

On One Hand: WD-40 is for Hardware and Mechanical EquipmentWD-40 was developed in the 1950s to improve the condition of hinges, locks, and rusted screws and bolts. It is also a useful lubricant and... Read More »