Art Projects: Composition?

Answer When painting, an artist must arrange color, lines, shapes and designs on a flat surface. These elements are combined to form a particular work of art. Composition is the practice of combining the ... Read More »

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Writing Projects for English Composition?

Whether in high school or college, English students must demonstrate technical competence as writers. Teachers look for use of an expanding vocabulary, correct grammar and sentence structure, the l... Read More »

Composition ?

You have to answer that, yourself my friend no one can tell you, what life are career to take so search your mind and think what career is best for you.

What is the composition of the ETF name PIN?

The PowerShares India Portfolio is an exchange traded fund that consists of 50 companies with stock in the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. Major PIN sectors include energy (26 pe... Read More »

What is the composition of HHO gas?

The composition of HHO gas is one oxygen molecule covalently bonded to two hydrogen molecules. This gas is also known as H2O, or as water vapor to the general public.References:HSE Group: Material ... Read More »