Art Deco Wall Colors?

Answer After the first World War, the United States entered an era of optimism and prosperity, which was reflected in art deco, the prevailing aesthetic sensibility of the 1920s. Art Deco is characterized... Read More »

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Art Deco House: How to Determine the Proper Colors?

Sleek, cool, functional, bold, industrial, smart -- the adjectives go on and on to describe Art Deco furniture, designs, fashion, and color-schemes. The Art Deco movement (1925-1940s) borrowed colo... Read More »

Do light colors or dark colors show wall imperfections?

Choose a wall color in a darker shade. A dark color conceals irregularities much better than a light color since it absorbs more light. Also, avoid anything with a sheen or gloss, and use a flat or... Read More »

Zen Wall Colors?

Every house should have at least one room that provides a calming, restorative environment. A comfortably arranged room with Zen wall colors will give you a space to relax and meditate. Warm, sooth... Read More »

Exterior Wall Colors?

Selecting paint colors for your home's walls can seem like a simple process, until you begin to consider the myriad colors available and countless combinations. Paint color is especially important ... Read More »