Art Activities for the Layers of the Earth?

Answer The thought that a person can dig a hole deep enough to reach the other side of the world is an enduring myth that has intrigued and fascinated young children for generations. Teaching children abo... Read More »

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How many layers does Earth's atmosphere have?

The atmosphere has five layers, distinguished from one another by density, temperature, chemicals and movement. Weather occurs in the lowest layer, the troposphere. The stratosphere, home of the oz... Read More »

As You Go Deeper Into the Earth What Happens to the Density of the Layers?

When you go deeper into the inside of the Earth, the density of each layer increases. There are four layers of the Earth, with each layer having a different density, composition and thickness. Isaa... Read More »

Layers of the Earth Science School Projects?

The earth is made up of many layers: the core, outer core, mantle and crust. It can be a difficult concept to grasp when one sees only the crust. There are layers in the earth's crust that can be a... Read More »

How the Layers of Earth and the Rock Cycle Are Related?

Rocks are constantly changing, but in geologic time. The changing of rock is referred to as the rock cycle; according to Dr. Anne E. Egger, the process is the same now as it was millions of years ago.