Art Activities for Severely Handicapped Students?

Answer Consider ways to activate the senses when planning an art lesson for the severely handicapped. Let the art that you present stretch, rather than limit the students, while still taking into account ... Read More »

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Art Project Ideas for Severely Handicapped Students?

Art is important in the lives of the severely handicapped. Allowing students to express themselves and create something can profoundly affect their self-image. Adapt art projects to accommodate the... Read More »

Do you know of any scholarships available for visually impared, or severely handicapped students?

Hi. There are many scholarships available for blind and visually impaired and disabled students. Please read through the list below (sorry so long), and I've also included links to help. I teach... Read More »

Disorders of Bone Metabolism in Severely Handicapped Children?

Bone metabolism disorders are very common in severely handicapped children. There are a variety of causes of these disorders, including immobilization and vitamin D deficiencies. In any case, there... Read More »

How to Teach Choice Making to Severely Disabled Students?

The ability to make a choice provides a student with the expression of her desires. It provides a chance for interaction and helps her fulfil wants and needs. By providing a student opportunities t... Read More »