Arp 2000 Bolt Torque Specifications?

Answer ARP 2000 cap screws are an aftermarket brand of caps screws. The ARP 2000 cap screws are used on an aftermarket brand of crankshafts and rods called Scat. You should disassemble the rods and cranks... Read More »

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U-Bolt Torque Specifications?

A U-bolt is a type used on automobiles to join certain components. These bolts, like any other on a car, have specific torque, or tightening, values. Proper application of torque ensures all of you... Read More »

What are the ARP Bolt Torque Specifications?

ARP bolts and studs are a brand of aftermarket screws used to fasten and secure different parts of an engine. Car manufacturers sometimes use them when building the engine. Most often, though, car ... Read More »

Specifications of a Bolt Torque?

A bolt is a type of screw used as a fastener on vehicles. Bolts are the main fasteners used on the engines of vehicles. Apply a certain amount of torque to each bolt to secure the engine in its pla... Read More »

GMC Sierra Bolt Torque Specifications?

The GMC Sierra, a full-size pickup truck, is similar to the Chevrolet Silverado. These trucks have been produced, with different names, since 1975. Because of the diverse needs of pickup truck owne... Read More »