Around when should I have my first pelvic exam?

Answer Hope,I am 15 and i just had my first gyno exam done this summer. But i was having problems down there with my period and stuff and that why i went to one. but you should wait until 18 or when you ... Read More »

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Can you refuse a pelvic exam when you go to the doctor?

Yes, you absolutely have the right to refuse.But having pelvic exams for women is a way of life.They have to check for STD's, Cancers, and when you get pregnant, they are a fact of life.Find a woma... Read More »

What type of doctor should I see for extreme muscle spasms during a pelvic exam?

There is no need for women to get pelvic exams. You might find this of interest:;…

Is it normal to have really bad pain after a pelvic exam?

While minor bleeding is normal after a pelvic exam, tell your physician if you experience pain. A feeling of slight pressure is common during the exam, but pain during or after the procedure--espec... Read More »

What is the severe pain in the pelvic area when walking after a prenatal exam?

On One Hand: Round Ligament PainDuring pregnancy, pain in the pelvic area can be attributed to the round ligaments stretching. These ligaments support the growing uterus and can become painful as t... Read More »