Aromatic Oils Used in Perfumes?

Answer Aromatic oils have been used in perfume since the days of Cleopatra. It's said that one of Napoleon's favorite scents included rosemary and bergamot. Essential oils, or aromatic oils, are essential... Read More »

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What aromatic oils are used in perfume?

Perfumes are made from a mixture of scented essential oils mixed with oils, alcohol and water. For thousands of years, these aromatic oils were extracted from plants and animals. In recent years... Read More »

How to make the room smell good (like cologne or aromatic oils) using the AC?

This article titles " Aromatherapy Methods of Use - Vaporisation" may give you some ideas as there are a number of different ways…As for using the AC, you... Read More »

What aromatic leaf from the laurel tree is used as a herb?

How to Make Fragrance Oils to Be Used As Cologne?

Cologne can be quite expensive. By following these simple steps with a few easily obtainable ingredients, you can create your own cologne for a fraction of the price. Does this Sp... Read More »