Armor online Firewall Ping reply Problem?

Answer It depends on which side of the router or firewall you are referring too. If you are on the inside "private" network, ICMP is not generally an issue to be concerned about. If you are on the outsi... Read More »

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How to Count Ping Reply Time?

In a network environment, the Ping command line utility is used to test connectivity between devices on the network. Ping sends a packet of data from a computer to the device and checks that the de... Read More »

Windows 8 firewall problem?…

Windows firewall problem.?

try pinging internet sites with the command console or ipconfig and then try pinging the default gatewate to test your internet.

What is a ping in"Commandos: Strike Force"online play?

In "Commandos: Strike Force," the ping reading next to a player's name illustrates the quality of his connection to the game server. The higher the player's ping, the lower quality his connection i... Read More »