Arm Sleeve Tattoo Ideas?

Answer People get tattoos to express the things they care about. A son might get a tattoo of his mom. A gamer might get a tattoo of his favorite arcade game. Arm sleeve tattoos are the tattoo equivalent o... Read More »

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Sleeve Tattoo Ideas?

Sleeve tattoos typically cover the arm or leg in one large tattoo or a collection of several smaller tattoos. They can be quarter, half or full-sized depending on how much skin is actually covered,... Read More »

How to Go About Getting a Sleeve Tattoo?

Sleeve tattoos come in 3 sizes: 1/2, 3/4 and full. A 1/2 sleeve is just around your bicep or forearm, a 3/4 sleeve protrudes past your elbow joint from either the bicep or forearm and a full sleeve... Read More »

How to Create a Tattoo Sleeve?

A tattoo sleeve is a large tattoo that takes up the full length of an arm, resembling the sleeve on a shirt. Getting a tattoo sleeve is a big step, as it takes up a great deal of space on the body ... Read More »

Should I get a full arm sleeve tattoo?

Yes tattoos are awesome i want some my self, but don't go for anything that cannot be hidden easily as then it would make it almost impossible to find a job. so no full sleeve maybe a short sleeved... Read More »