Arizona Iced Tea Snapple Ice Tea Or Lipton Ice Tea Which do you like better?

Answer long island ice tea...just kidding,I don't drink.lipton iced tea(sweet).

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Does Diet Snapple Iced Tea have caffeine?

According to the Snapple company, the only Diet Snapple beverage that does not contain caffeine is the Cranberry Raspberry variety. Other flavors, including Diet Peach Tea, Diet Green Tea and Diet ... Read More »

Where is Lipton iced tea made?

Lipton iced tea is made from a variety of different tea plant sources and grown on up to 35 different tea plantations worldwide. Lipton iced tea is also grown and tested on Lipton estates in Ceylon... Read More »

Can you make hot tea using lipton iced tea bags?

All tea, except most powdered instants, start off being brewed in hot water. The ones marked iced tea are usually designed to make larger amounts. So you just have to align how much water you use... Read More »

Does Lipton Brisk Iced Tea have caffeine in it?

Lipton Brisk Iced Tea, a bottled flavored beverage, contains caffeine. Strawberry Melon, included in the Lipton Brisk line, but not labeled "tea," does not have caffeine. According to the Pepsi Pro... Read More »