Ariana Grande/Cat Valentine (from the show Victorious) makeup?

Answer Just use natural colors for the eyeshadow, the lid color should be a little lighter than your skin and the crease should be a little darker, blend it out well. Use black liquid liner on the upper l... Read More »

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Do guys actually like ditzy girls like that girl on victorious With the red hair ariana grande?

Some guys do, but most guys find that extremely annoying. Guys like smart girls. So, don't be something your not because guys hate that.

How to Look and Act Like Cat Valentine from Victorious?

Cat Valentine is the cute, bubbly and preppy red head on the Nickelodeon show Victorious. If you want to be as cool as she is, this article will teach you how get her look and act just like her!

How to Look Just Like Cat Valentine on Victorious?

Cat is the cute red-headed girl on the Nickelodeon TV show, Victorious. Try her look over the summer if you love it; make it your new look for school!

How to Have a Room Like Cat Valentine's from Victorious?

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