Arguments for Random Drug Tests in High Schools?

Answer The debate over random drug tests in high schools continues to be waged by administrators, teachers, parents and students alike. Both sides make strong cases. Although they disagree, both have the ... Read More »

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Pros & Cons of Random Drug Tests in High School?

Many school management systems already do, or have considered implementing, drug testing. The argument for implementing these policies is that they will deter drug use. Drug testing is a way for th... Read More »

Can Employers Do Random Drug Tests?

Employers are allowed to do random drug tests on their employees if they have a proper system in place. These random tests often involve employees who have sensitive jobs, experienced occupational... Read More »

Arguments for Randomized Drug Testing in Schools?

High schools sometimes choose to randomly test for drug use among their students. For legal reasons, most schools test only those students involved in extracurricular activities while some test onl... Read More »

Mandatory Drug Tests for Schools?

In Acton v. the Vernonia School District, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a school had the right to test student athletes for drugs. In 1988, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals interpreted this rig... Read More »