Arguments for Homeschooling?

Answer Homeschooling is on the rise. The National Home Education Research Institute reported that in 2003 850,000 children were homeschooled nationally; and as of 2008, two million children in the United ... Read More »

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What are the arguments AGAINST vegetarianism?

1. Our bodies are designed as omnivores. Take a look at our dental records and our nutrient requirements.2. Meat is yummy! :)

Plasma Vs LED, your arguments?

For the up stairs go with the plasma and for downstairs go with the LED. Plasma usually has a reflection making it hard to see but LED doesn't, why do you think that LED's cost more than plasmas

Arguments Against Plagiarism?

Plagiarism occurs when you take someone else's work and, without attribution, pass it off as your own. The reasons you should not do this range from the potential consequences that will directly af... Read More »

Are there any arguments on for and against on adoption?

i think that the arguments on for are: less people in different adoption homes and so everyone has a chance to have a child. i think the aregument for against are: that it isn't fair for the chi... Read More »