Arguments Against Identity Theory?

Answer Identity theory states that all mental processes, such as thoughts, feelings, perceptions, dreams and actions are the same as the thinker's brain itself. According to this theory, mental experience... Read More »

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Arguments Against Plagiarism?

Plagiarism occurs when you take someone else's work and, without attribution, pass it off as your own. The reasons you should not do this range from the potential consequences that will directly af... Read More »

What are the arguments AGAINST vegetarianism?

1. Our bodies are designed as omnivores. Take a look at our dental records and our nutrient requirements.2. Meat is yummy! :)

Arguments Against Recycling Paper?

Today's society is well aware of what recycling is and what benefits it holds for the environment. Recycling and other eco-friendly practices are often taught in schools and by parents as well, as ... Read More »

Are there any arguments on for and against on adoption?

i think that the arguments on for are: less people in different adoption homes and so everyone has a chance to have a child. i think the aregument for against are: that it isn't fair for the chi... Read More »