Aren't you up a tad early?

Answer Preschool? What the heck are you doing in THIS category? LOLYes, I woke up all excited about mini-me's first day of school. ;)

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Why Arent Televisions Round?

Original CRT tubes were round, but the way in which the picture is scanned gives you a rectangle. EMI experimented with circular scanned pictures in the 1930s, but we're generally happier looking ... Read More »

Why arent i gaining muscle?

Look at your technique, try to improve it all the time, do each movement slowly up and slowly down, dont do it fast as momentum doesnt break the muscle fibres as much as doing it slowly, you might ... Read More »

What does meat have that vegetarians arent getting?

"besides protein and B-12."You do know that lentils have more protein per 100g than meat, right? And if you are a vegetarian you get B12 from eggs and cheese?The only thing I can think you might be... Read More »

Arent consults for braces always free?

That is up to the dentist or orthodontist. Call and ask! Most do offer a free consultation, in my experience.