Arent consults for braces always free?

Answer That is up to the dentist or orthodontist. Call and ask! Most do offer a free consultation, in my experience.

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Are there any mobile beat making software/apps that are free and arent trials If so where can i find some?

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Do people always need retainers after braces?

On One Hand: Yes, Teeth and Gums Need Time to SetTeeth that have recently been held in place by braces may shift more easily and can move out of position. To prevent this, retainers are used to gen... Read More »

Are braces supposed to always make your teeth feel sore while they're on?

Welcome to the club, my friend. It'll go away but it'll come back every time they tighten them. Eat yogurt, soup, drink milkshakes. Anything to numb that soreness. The inside of your mouth may star... Read More »