Could a small hard lump right below your ear next to your jaw bone that doesn't hurt be related to your wisdom tooth coming in?

Answer AnswerIt could be related to your wisdom tooth coming in, but you also have lymph nodes in that area, too. If the lump has been there for several weeks and doesn't seem like a pimple or other minor... Read More »

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You suspect that you are pregnant but you had your periods on 1002 but you feel desymore hungry you have a head ache and there is liquid coming out of your right hand breast what could these mean.?

Answer OK... I have to ask you before I can offer my opinion when did you have your period??? 1002? Is that October the 2nd? and you said you felt more dizzy and hungry correct? I can say this nor... Read More »

How SLOW is my Internet right now?

check your contract with regards to speed they expect you to have if it has been constantly bad demand they impove the speed or you want out without penalty and go back to old provider will be gett... Read More »

WHO'S facebook is slow or not working right now?

They are reporting mass suicides world wide because of it.

Guys have u ever gotten a zit in between your inner right thigh and your right ball sack?