Are your card details safe on The App Store?

Answer Depends on your password strength, if you feel like someone knows your password then simply change it but make it more complex next time. Apple has now made it that your Apple ID must contain 1. ... Read More »

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Is it safe to enter my credit or debit card details?

On One Hand: Normally, Yes.Millions of transaction occur daily online, mostly through credit and debit cards, and the vast majority are concluded without issue. Large retailers with websites such a... Read More »

Is using a credit card in your online store safe?

On One Hand: Safe ShoppingOnline shopping can be as safe as shopping in a store, according to MasterCard. The key to a safe online shopping experience is to know the merchant you are buying from, n... Read More »

Is the auto fill button the google toolbar safe to use E.g. is it safe to put your personal details in there?

Because of recent scares over 'identity theft'' I would keep personal details to myself as much as possible. It is probably safe but we do not know the skills of hackers. If they make a living fi... Read More »

How long do phone companies store text message details?

How long a phone stores text message details depends on the policies of the particular carrier, according to Slate Magazine. Most carriers do not save data for more than two weeks unless ordered to... Read More »