Are your brother in-laws or sister-in laws considered your immediate family?

Answer Your immediate family is another way of describing your nuclear family. Immediately family is usually considered to be your spouse, children, and parents, but sometimes includes parents only if you... Read More »

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What do you call your sister in laws brother?

Your daughter's husband is your son-in-law. His brother is not related to you. If you need to refer to him other than by name you can say "my daughter's brother-in-law," or "my son-in-law's brother."

Are the siblings of your sister's husband considered your in laws?

Your sister's husband is your in-law (your brother-in-law). His siblings are not related to you.

What are the laws on a brother and sister sharing a room?

There are no US laws prohibiting brothers and sisters from sharing a room.

Is your sister in laws brother your brother in law?

Since the ancestors of your great uncle's wife are not related to you, the first cousin 14 times removed of the wife of her 15th great grand uncle is not related to you, nor you to him.