Are your Y!A pages messed up too, or does my computer have fleas?

Answer Mine seems all normal.May i suggest you look at your Java settings?

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My computer is messed up from some virus, shouldnt it be against the law for someone to mess up my computer?

It is against the law... The problem is in finding the criminals...

Has my computer messed up?

no not at all its will completly be fine untill you play any very high graphics game!and have not overclocked anypart of your pc!

My computer is messed up?

It could be as simple as you need a new computer motherboard battery. They are suppose to keep your BIOS and instructions intact when you have the computer shut off, when the battery won't hold a c... Read More »

HELP!! My computer's messed up! Can anyone help?

go there…FREERun the express scan,,, and voila! your problem are over.You may want to run it in safe mode and your current anti virus as wellTo get into t... Read More »