Are your Y!A pages messed up too, or does my computer have fleas?

Answer Mine seems all normal.May i suggest you look at your Java settings?

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Whats worse: Your computer messed up or your refrigerator?

Computer of course.. Then i wouldnt have anything to do with my days.. !! I wouldnt be able to talk to ALL my friends.. LOL.

I have fleas , and im constantly itching . any tips , on how to have a good night sleep with fleas!?

You're full of ****. Fleas don't live on humans. Thanks for making me laugh though :)

If you constantly use a scratched/cracked CD on your computer, will it get messed up?

YES. It can damage the lazer emitter. The disk can also break up at the high RPMs as it's being read and trash the drive.

How to See What Web Pages Have Been Looked at on a Computer?

Every time you visit a web page, your browser logs that activity in its "History." Because of this, you can easily see what sites you have visited by going to the history menu. Not only does this g... Read More »