Are your 3 favourite people in he world all vegetarians?

Answer Yes, my son, my husband, and my mother are vegan. That's not counting me either. I'm a favorite as well. :)

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Do we really make a difference in the world as vegetarians?

There's a lot more to it than just being vegetarians or belonging to groups which advocate animal rights and changes in the world. Change will never happen as long as our society has the large depa... Read More »

Why are people vegetarians?

You're the guy who has a crush on his own brother, right? Maybe you're not in such a good position to judge, then.

Why do people become vegetarians Are you the one of them too?

You are asking this on the UK&Ireland site, so I'm guessing your either British or Irish. Either way, in both of those countries it is illegal to feed animals hormones or drugs to increase their si... Read More »

Why do people become vegetarians?

It just makes me feel sick. I've ate meat before but it never sat right with me. Blood running out of steak, meat on the bone I'd never have went near. Simply, it's not appetising.