A question for my fellow working Mommys?

Answer "Well if every mother did that, you'd be out of a job now wouldn't you??" ....would have sprung out of my mouth before I could have done anything about's pretty stupid. But sadly, I ... Read More »

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Hvac question, new central air not working properly?

If that mystery register was actually a return duct you would still be experiencing the same problem. Adding a return duct is not going to solve your cooling problem on the second floor. How old is... Read More »

A question about working at child care center?

most centers in most states are required to do a crimminal background check through child protective services and/or the state highway patrol (fingerprints required here). so your crime will show ... Read More »

Question for you prefer we close our eyes when you are working over us?

This is a funny question :) I'm a dental hygiene student and i don't know about dentists but I don't even pay attention to whether people's eyes are opened or closed when I'm working on them. I'm t... Read More »

I'm going to ask a question here but I'd appreciate no competitive or rude answers regarding working vs SAHMs?

nina, im going to tell you more about me. my life and what has happened. take it for what its worth.i had a lovely job, which i loved. worked my way up in a company, no college education. the o... Read More »