Are you what you always wanted to be?

Answer Life never turns out the way you expect.I will say this: I accomplished everything that I truly wanted.I believe that I improve and learn daily on the spiritual / physical side...well, I could stan... Read More »

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If you really wanted to see a movie in the theater and no friends wanted to go would you go alone?

Depends on the movie. I would go alone.

If you could eat as much as you wanted....?

haha now that would be amazing =Di would havebreakfast: pancakes with lemon and sugar and a glass of milksnack: few chocolate bars and hot chocolate with marshmellowslunch: pasty and white choco ch... Read More »


Yes you should go to the ER. You are 17 and technically should be in good health. Spotting for that long is a bad sign, there can be spotting even if you are pregnant. Please go now!

Here's something else I always wanted to know?

Hello Rammie!I don't believe it was ever hate - they'd known one another since grade school and eventually got a bit sick of one another. I believe it hurt Paul's ego that he didn't get the full cr... Read More »