Are you watching TV or listening to music while on your computer?

Answer Hi "D", no, I'm in my little study, as my computer is a tower, and it's nice and peaceful!Just got back from Sunday lunch, so I'm feeling very mellow! enjoying a glass of wine, before some friends ... Read More »

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How to save the movie, music, etc that I'm watching online on windows media player in my computer harddrive?

download the movies to the computer with the help of Internet Download Manager software ....Then u know how to copy and paste ......

Do the Chinese enjoy watching soap operas and listening to CCP propaganda?

All CCP privilege recipients idolized the CCP propaganda as it is their little bible to success as clearly evidenced by DogLover, superman, Lo Little One, so forth. The remaining 1.3 billion Chine... Read More »

What music are you listening to right now?

Are you listening to music?

Yes, even though i'm in highschool, in class (I'm using my phone)...