Are you watching TV or listening to music while on your computer?

Answer Hi "D", no, I'm in my little study, as my computer is a tower, and it's nice and peaceful!Just got back from Sunday lunch, so I'm feeling very mellow! enjoying a glass of wine, before some friends ... Read More »

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Is it Harmful to fall asleep with your head phones in your ears while listening to music?

YES. It may lead to ear pain and complications. Use not more than an hour a day with a minimal volume.

How to Look Cool While Listening to Music?

Whether you're listening to your iPod or blasting the radio in your car :)

Pros of Listening to Music While Working?

The choices for music and how we listen to it has multiplied in recent years. With the invention of iTunes, internet radio and various mobile devices, people can listen to music almost anywhere. Al... Read More »

What is something you love to do while listening to music?

If its a pop rap etc then I stop work and start dancing while sitting on chair even. If the song is sad or God related tears roll down my cheeks and won't stop even the song is over. after that all... Read More »