Are you using a latop or a PC?

Answer I am using two lap tops, Toshiba Satellite's.Have used desk tops, HP and Dell, will probably never buy another desk top.My lap tops will do every thing a desk top will and more, takes up way less s... Read More »

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Can i leave my latop on overnight?

Shouldn't be a problem. I've left mine on for a few days straight. Just don't leave it on a soft surface, like your bed or the carpeting. Laptops need to be on a hard flat surface to help get ri... Read More »

My norton wont scan my latop?

hey your norton antivirus is out of update I think you should update though internet otherwise uninstall it and download Avast antivirus free and put to boot scanyour windows defender is not workin... Read More »

How do you access mopilot threw you're latop or pc?

No that was easy wasn't it?

Hey my latop dell in its screen there is a 1cm space on top of it . it is new and windows 7 home premium?

I'm not sure on what you're trying to ask people to help you with, could you re-word the question?