Are you turned on by just the sound of a low bass?

Answer Not really. But a high pitched squeal does it for me every time.

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If you are soon to be 16 and you think you might be pregnant by your boyfriend who just turned 18 and you are not sure if it was conceived before or after he turned 18 can your parents press charges?

Answer It depends on if you are classified as a minor in the State you live in. Yes, if you are a minor you parents could press charges against your boyfriend, but it hardly makes sense to do so b... Read More »

Is BOSE have agood sound speaker or all just depend on sound software?

Speakers are the most important part of any sound system. Bose, however, is not a high-end speaker. If Bose advertised themselves as a cheap, mass market product whose only real benefit was its sma... Read More »

How to Blend the Sound of a Guitar and a Bass?

Achieving just the right blend between guitar and bass should be felt by the listener "like a warm hug" according to Manny Marroquin, mixing engineer on multiple platinum hits for John Mayer and ot... Read More »

How to Position the Sound Post on Double Bass?

The sound post is part of the internal structure of the double bass. It is a wooden dowel that sits between the back and the top of the bass. The sound post contributes to the tone and resonance of... Read More »