Is a person a bad person if he or she does not enjoy spending time with their family?

Answer i don't think so because the person might want time alone

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If you get iphone 4 and some other person doesnt can you still have face time with that person?

The Face Time feature of iPhone 4 only works iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi. No other devices will work with it. The only way for Face Time with your non-iPhone 4 wielding friends is to physically... Read More »

What are the federal regulations for adoption for a person with a felony drug offense is there a required amount of time that must pass before that person is allowed to adopt?

that dumb selfish bitch! think about the adopted child and what it'll do to them!

Who is the most famous person of all time?

On One Hand: Barack ObamaAccording to Dee Dee Myers in a January 2009 article for "The Huffington Post," president Barack Obama is the most famous person of all time because, as Myers writes, "more... Read More »

What is the best way for a person to experience alcohol for the first time?

With family! Sorry, I come from a french family. My parents wanted me to try alcohol in moderation when I was ready as a young adult. I have to give them props for ensuring I was in a safe envir... Read More »