If a person with no eye defect begins wearing glasses with some power, how will that person be affected?

Answer Perfect eyes: if you wear glasses and don't need them (or, as a glasses wearer you wear ones that are too strong for you) you will get a headache and your eyes will feel tired. Over a period of tim... Read More »

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How much more money does a person with a high school diploma make than a person with a GED?

1) States passed a law which required 12 to 16 weeks of school attendance by students between the ages 8 and 14. Major Results: Created strict rulesand physical punishment, which made students mise... Read More »

I was just curious if I am the only drunk person on Answers right now?

Not there yet, but I'm on my way. My poison of the night is Grey Goose. It goes down smooth as water. I'll take a shot for you if you take one for me...bottoms up!!

I have a crush on this person on Yahoo Answers, what should I say to them *profile inside*?

LMAO that was smartI actually started freakin out thereI was like OH SH*IT wtf do i doand then i start reading the answers to see what ppl think of me and i figure it outheheIts also funny how some... Read More »

Is a person a bad person if he or she does not enjoy spending time with their family?

i don't think so because the person might want time alone