Are you that person that drinks coffee all day?

Answer I do coffee a lot, work hazzard. It is good for you in moderation, it is an antixoident and is suposed to reduce risk of alzhiemers and other demetias with moderate use by 65%.Moderate being 4 to ... Read More »

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Any ideas for hot drinks that don't involve tea, coffee, or alcohol?

Hot water, hot cocoa or hot broth..Wishing You Well Hot Chocolate2 TBSP cocoa1 ½ tsp corn syrupDash of salt¾ cup boiling waterMilkMix cocoa , corn syrup and salt in a mug or cup; ... Read More »

Am I the only person that doesn't care for Starbucks coffee?

I completely agree. It's burnt! At first I thought I just got a cup of old, nasty, scorched coffee, but now I see the roasters over-roast it on purpose. Most people I know who like it use lots o... Read More »

I have a friend that is 14 and is depressed and i heard that medical marijuana can help that person is it true?

Sometimes Marijuana can help! thats trueBut for a 14 year old kid? Come on! Thats a Big NO!

An official meeting attended 130 requirement employees, of them 66 drinks tea, 56 drinks coffee,63 drinks juic?