Are you switched on all the time or do you turn off?

Answer Turn everything off. PCs are deisgned to run in an always on state, so you won't hurt the computer if you leave it on, however, if you leave it on all the time you might as well walk up to the arc... Read More »

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My PC monitor makes a loud crackling sound whenever it is switched after being switched off for a long time?

Its static discharge which happens with monitors & tv's using CRT's..Read the following article for more info:…And yes, you absolutely dont have to worry r... Read More »

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Is it better to keep my computer connected to the net and switched on all the time?

It is always recommend to shut down your PC after you're done with it. It helps to maintain the integrity of your hard drive and other parts of the computer.PCs were not meant to be left running f... Read More »

Ok to leave my pc, with broadband and XP, switched on all the time?

I do and and its fine for me. Actually I think they reccomend it if you have broadband... Its just a little extra wear and tear on your power supply. Heres what to do if you leave you computer on... Read More »