Ok I just want to make sure I get this straighten the tax rebate FREE MONEY from the government?

Answer They're telling us it's free money....but it is the government, so their story could change at any time.

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K, an 8 YEAR OLD wearing this much makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you will want to click this one!!!!!!!!?

My daughter is nine and i only allow her to wear makeup when we are playing around, giving each other makeovers and stuff. That much makeup on a child or adult for that matter is totally ridiculous!

Would you hire this handyman Not sure if this is normal...?

R U N A W A Y!!!!!!!Just the fact that they don't want you home is enough to scare me. This tells me that he has something to hide. I am a service electrician. I never have a problem with the... Read More »

How to Make Sure Your Laptop Is Virus Free?

Computer viruses can slow down a laptop's performance, cause multiple pop-up ads to appear and steal personal information such as bank account numbers and security passwords. Viruses can be spread ... Read More »

Not sure if this is my period?

It could be one of a few different things.1. It could very well be your body adjusting to the delay of the pill.2. It could be that you're spotting during ovulation (this IS a common occurrance) 3.... Read More »