My girlfriend and i had protected sex about 2 weeks ago. then she started her period.after that we took pregnancy test just to make sure she wasnt. but she has symptoms of pregnancy. can she be?

Answer yeah she is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! name it puff for me dude

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Question about a situation im sure we have all thought about.. Pubic hair in labour?

I used to trim and keep it neat but towards the end I was too big and too tired to care, haha. doctors have seen it all. no one is going to say either, for god's sake! how rude would that be. reall... Read More »

What's a movie that you are so sure that you will hate forever?

2001: A Space Odyssey. I've got a lot of respect for Kubrick and Clarke but, darn, that movie is the most overrated, boring, and pretentious film I've ever seen in my life. Actually, maybe it's n... Read More »

How do you talk to your teenage son about the past and his abusive now absent father if your not quite sure what he remembers in the first place but you know he is angry and confused about it?

AnswerThe big thing is to first create a safe environment where he understands the topic of abuse. Things like fighting fairly, saying what you mean during a discussion, not being passive-aggressiv... Read More »

Not sure about the headphone ohms?

The Beyers will work just fine with portable players.You would get a small imporvement in sound from them if you used them with a portable headphone amplifier.Other hedphones to consider would be t... Read More »