Are you supposed to wear braces for your whole life?

Answer You wear them while you sleep. If you don't, your teeth will start moving. ( you never hear about retention much do you.) Retainers are a thousand times easier to deal with than braces. Best of Luc... Read More »

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Is a astigmatism permanatley cureable with glasses, or do i have to wear them for my whole life?

I think way too many people get glasses because of temporary headaches or very minor blurr. I also think that a few doctors sneak them in to make a little more money. If I were given glasses for he... Read More »

Are braces supposed to always make your teeth feel sore while they're on?

Welcome to the club, my friend. It'll go away but it'll come back every time they tighten them. Eat yogurt, soup, drink milkshakes. Anything to numb that soreness. The inside of your mouth may star... Read More »

How to Fix Your Whole Life?

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a rut, as if life has become so predictable, busy, and boring that you just can't live it anymore? Do you hate your entire existence? Here are practical st... Read More »

How many times have you moved in your whole life?

Since I left my parents house at age 17 I have moved 12 times and have lived in 4 different cities and 2 different states.