What is your promise ring finger?

Answer The middle finger

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What does a ring on the right hand ring finger mean?

Right hand rings can be worn by women who are not married but wish to wear a beautiful ring, similar to an engagement or wedding ring. The ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand so as no... Read More »

Which hand is a promise ring supposed to go on?

A promise ring is worn on the left hand. However, some people chose to wear promise rings on the right hand to avoid the ring being mistaken for an engagement ring.Source:Kai Jewels: What is the Hi... Read More »

What kind of ring cuts are there for a promise ring?

A promise ring is a ring given to a teenage girl by her parents to signify her promise to keep herself sexually pure until marriage. It can also be given by a serious boyfriend as an intent to prop... Read More »

Can you wear a college ring on your index finger?

You should wear a college ring on the ring finger of your right hand, which is associated with students and creativity. Wearing a ring on your index finger symbolizes ambition and leadership, and i... Read More »