Is it odd if your barber is also your proctologist?

Answer My dentist does prostate examinations. Perhaps your barber and my dentist went to university together.

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Is it safe to take your pill on the week your supposed to have your period can you still get pregnant?

Answer Answer Hello.If you continue to take BC... Read More »

Why are you not supposed to lift your hands above your head while pregnant?

Answer This is an old wives tale. You can lift your hands above your head.

Is your period supposed to be late after you lose your virginity?

No, it's not something that is supposed to happen, but it can and does not necessarily mean you are pregnant.

After brushing your teeth, are you supposed to rinse your mouth with water?

yeah some dentist did research on it. Here's the video link:…Ya man, my dentists tells me to rinse with water than use like listerine or crest mouthwash af... Read More »