Are you supposed to put anything on Hot Tamale Pie?

Answer I don't eat it, but I would assume that some Tabasco sauce or some jalapenos may work. I find tamales rather bland tasting so try spicing it up with something like mild peppers. That might work.

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What is a great recipe for Tamale Pie?

I have never tried that but I would take a recipe that sounded good to me and check what ingredient I have and whether I could omit some I haven't got or if there were seasons I would need.As you s... Read More »

Looking for sweet or dessert tamale recipes?

You can make sweet tamales by making a sweet masa from just about any sweet tamale recipe, then filling the tamale with just about anything! I've filled tamales with bananas, chocolate, strawberri... Read More »

How many calories are in casa lupe's lunch: one chicken tamale with a side of rice (no beans)?

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