Are you supposed to grease silicone pans?

Answer Rose Levy Beranbaum of advises that you use a thin coat of oil or a non-stick spray on silicone bakeware and wipe away any extra oil or spray. If you're baking a chocolate c... Read More »

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Do you grease silicone baking pans?

Silicone bakeware does not need to be greased or floured, resulting in attractive baked goods that are free of residuals. Additional benefits of silicone bakeware are the excellent conductivity, ab... Read More »

Do silicone bundt pans need to be greased?

Many silicone products claim to not need greasing. Unfortunately, there have been many complaints that silicone is not as nonstick as it claims. For that reason, it's best to grease silicone to get... Read More »

Are silicone baking pans toxic?

On One Hand: Oven to Freezer EaseSilicone is a space age synthetic plastic used to make baking pans and sheets, muffin tins, ice cube trays, spatulas and other utensils. It is FDA approved up to 42... Read More »

Are silicone baking pans safe?

On One Hand: FDA ApprovalThe Food and Drug Administration deems silicone baking pans safe for general use. Silicone is an inert synthetic material, meaning it will not leach into foods as they cook... Read More »