Are you supposed to get paid monthly for getting hurt on the job?

Answer AnswerIn general, the answer is "Yes".If your employer at the time of the injury was required to and did maintain workers compensation coverage, that insurance should provide benefits of two main t... Read More »

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If Michael is paid monthly an annual salary of 42624 what would his gross monthly pay be?

Gross monthly pay is a person's monthly pay before taxes. If Michael is paid $42,624 a year (annually) but he gets paid every month, then you would divide 42624 by 12 because there are 12 months in... Read More »

Are property taxes paid monthly?

Typically, property taxes are paid yearly. However, some areas like New York City can require semi-annually or even monthly property tax payments. Property taxes lumped in with mortgages are also p... Read More »

Are US Marines paid monthly or bi-weekly?

Pay day is the 1st and 15th of each month.

Does getting a tooth pulled and getting an implant done hurt?

They should use laughing gas. I was literally floating on a red cloud when they did mine. They woke me up later and my mouth felt like it had a red balloon in it. With most dental procedures the ac... Read More »