Are you supposed to cover an outdoor fire pit?

Answer On One Hand: You Do Not Have to Cover OneMost fire pits come with screens that control sparks, according to In addition, if you have a portable, easy-to-move fire pit, you ca... Read More »

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How do I set up an outdoor fire pit?

Building a Fire PitSelect a steel campfire ring. Dig a circular 6-inch trench, following the line of the fire pit you plan to construct. Fill the trench with gravel. Place the campfire ring just in... Read More »

How to Build a Stone Outdoor Fire Pit?

As mild weather approaches, some families look forward to getting away from home and spending nights in the wilderness. Part of the fun and experience of being outdoors at night is having a fire to... Read More »

How to Put Mosaic Tile on an Outdoor Fire Pit?

Two different designs common to outdoor fire pits include the following: those that resemble a large wok and are movable and those that are mortared in place and are typically cylindrical. Either s... Read More »

Are you supposed to cover a burn?

It is best to cover burns from the sun because the heat can irritate it and make it hotter. But you don't have to cover it when your in shade.