Are you supposed to brush or floss first?

Answer Generally your supposed to brush first. Brush all the chemicals and residue off your teeth, then once rinsed and dry you use the floss to get in between the teeth in the tight spots that the tooth ... Read More »

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Can i floss my teeth when having braces with a regular floss brush?

You can use regular floss but will need a flies threader to get under your braces. Your dentist will show you how. It is very important!

Brush or floss first?

Brush first then floss after you go to bed and remember you forgot to do it...

Do you brush AND floss?

Yes I do! I love my little flosser pic thingys, if you haven't tried gotta get some. You can floss anywhere and at anytime.

What does it mean if you brush and floss but still get cavities?

Are you brushing your teeth too hard or too long? If you do then the enamel of your teeth may weakened, causing it prone to cavities. You need to visit your dentist once in a while for checkups.